Personal Umbrella

In today's world with litigation increasing steadily, a Personal Umbrella Policy can provide you and your family with a greater peace of mind.

A Personal Umbrella Policy provides additional protection for you in cases where your homeowner, mobilehomeowner, personal auto policy may not provide enough coverage. In some situations, a personal umbrella policy can provide coverage for risks not covered in underlying policies.

The Brethren Mutual Umbrella Policy covers the following:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Claims
  • Personal Injury Liability Claims
  • Legal Defense Costs (associated with a covered event)
  • All of this coverage extends to losses that occur anywhere in the world.

Brethren Mutual also offers the following optional coverages to be added to its Personal Umbrella Coverage:

Excess Home Business Liability Coverage
Excess Home Day Care Liability Coverage
Excess Business Pursuits Coverage
Excess Incidental Farming Personal Liability Coverage
Assisted Living Care Liability Coverage
Trust Endorsement
Excess Permitted Incidental Occupancies Liability Coverage

For a competitive quote, contact a Brethren Mutual independent agent.

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