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Special Garage

Brethren Mutual's Special Garage Program is specifically developed to insure automotive service risks in Maryland and Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. (This coverage is not available in Virginia). The program targets automotive-related businesses such as:

  • Gas Stations (full or self-service with repair)
  • Auto Repair Shops (no body work)
  • Auto Body Shops (with UL approved factory built spray booth)
  • Auto Parts with Garage Exposure
  • Car Washes (only if incidental to garage operations)

For a competitive premium, Brethren Mutual automatically provides special coverage for your:

  • Garage Property
  • On-Premises Garage Operations
  • Auto Exposures (for your owned autos and customers' autos)

To learn more about Brethren Mutual's Special Garage product, click here to download a copy of our Special Garage brochure.

For a competitive quote, contact a Brethren Mutual independent agent.

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