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Brethren Mutual uses the nationwide program Gerber National Claim Service, LLC to provide complete satisfaction on all auto glass claims. All glass breakage claims should be reported by the policyholder directly to Gerber National at the toll-free number: (888) 254-7604 or (866) 638-4527.

The insured can use the glass shop of their choice; however, they must intitially contact Gerber National. Gerber National will schedule the glass replacement/repair for the insured and set-up billing with the glass shop. Gerber National will verify coverage and deductible for the insured.

Agent Benefits

Program is easy to use. Simply direct your policyholder to call Gerber National at the toll-free number: (888) 254-7604 or (866) 638-4527.

No hassle of paperwork. Brethren's Auto Glass Program will process the claim from start to finish.

Effective management of cost control. Agencies consistently utilizing the program will reduce their glass loss expenses, which will assist in lower auto comprehensive rates.

Increases efficiency & satisfaction. Policyholders are guaranteed prompt and reliable autoglass service.

Policyholder Benefits

One quick & easy phone call.

Policyholders make one toll-free call to report their glass loss & schedule a convenient service appointment.

Mobile service is available at the policyholders' home or place of business.

Service provided 24 hours a day. Policyholders can call to report their glass loss & schedule a service appointment 24 hours a day...365 days a year.

Workmanship satisfaction guarantee. All glass vendors offer a workmanship guarantee for as long as the policyholder owns the vehicle.

For more information on Brethren Mutual's Auto Glass Program, please contact:
Brethren Mutual's Policyholder Services Department
E-Mail: Policyholder Services


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